Hello Rochelle Del Borrello here.

I am an Italo Australian writer who lives in Sicily, Italy.

I work as an ESL teacher and mummy to a very demanding young Italian teen.

Over the past decade, I have shared my perspective on daily life in Italy, blogging about my experiences as an expat living in a small Sicilian town.

My work has appeared in various blogs, online magazines and travel guides.

Every week I'll send you something from Sicily, Italy, which may be a random piece of my mind or a thoughtful reflection, a pill from everyday life in the ancient heart of Italy, from my unique perspective as a writer and expat living on the island.

A Load off my Mind is also about exploring and sharing my other interests. A diary of about everything and maybe also nothing. I basically begin to talk about the weather, then explore my current mood and gradually lean into other things that come to mind. A stream of consciousness experiment that explores my opinions and thoughts.

I know you are curious to hear all about it.

There is always a story to share.

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Rochelle DelBorrello

An Australian writer based in Sicily, Italy sharing her experiences and random thoughts.